Sparkling Gems of the Island

Two gorgeous lakes are the highlight of summer on Anderson Island, although they’re beautiful year round.

Florence Lake

Lowell Johnson Park, aka the Ol’ Swimming Hole, is a seasonal public park on the north side of Florence Lake with a couple swimming areas. Tom’s Park on the lake’s south side is also public, but it still has pretty rough trails with no easy water access.

The rest of the lake is surrounded by homes and Riviera properties, including Interlochen Park that has a swimming area and a boat launch.

Lake Josephine is located entirely within the Riviera community, so unless otherwise noted, all the parks on the lake are for Riviera members and their guests (including their vacation rental guests).

  • Interlachen Park
  • Ray Park
  • Other parks
  • Non-motorized vehicles only

The Riviera Lakeshore Restaurant is located on Lake Josephine and is open to the public. It’s got really great food, a full bar, and a great view.