Summers are for swimming

There’s not much better than taking a dip on a hot summer day. Anderson Island has some great lake swimming. If it’s REALLY hot out, you can wade into the Sound in a few different spots, or take the boat out and hop in. There are some spots on the island that are part of the Riviera, so for residents and their guests.

Florence Lake

Florence Lake is the main place to go swimming with some great swim spots. This is also the only lake where motors are allowed, so think water skiing and jet skis. Click on the names of the spots below for more information.

Lake Josephine

All of Lake Josephine and the access points are private to the Riviera Community Club. There are parks with swimming access, playgrounds, and picnic areas at each end of the lake, plus lake access at the Riviera Lakeshore Restaurant dock. 

Puget Sound

The Puget Sound can be pretty cold, so keep that in mind if you want to swim there. On the rare days it gets over 90 degrees, that might sound pretty good – at least dipping your feet in. A few short hikes will take you to some beaches, but be sure to check AI Parks & Rec for more information about the parks, trails, and beaches you should know before you go. You can walk down some stairs left of the ferry dock when the tide is low. If you’re a member or guest, you can also get in at the yacht club or Riviera marina.