Walking – Hiking

Trails Galore

One thing that Anderson Island has in abundance is hiking trails. Not only are there several parks with trails, there are trails that connect with other trails and parks throughout the island. I’m not sure if there is a map of those anywhere, but feel free to wander and see where they go – the island is only so big, so you couldn’t get too lost.

Anderson Island is blessed to have the amazing Anderson Island Park & Recreation District that, among other things, takes care of seven public parks with hiking trails. Short or long(ish), with kids or dogs, there are trails for any occasion.

This list shows the length of trails along with links to AIPRD’s website and their detailed descriptions of each park, including trails to take to connect with other parks. You should also absolutely download their handy, comprehensive resource one-pager.

Johnson Farm & Museum

The old Johnson Farm and Museum (Anderson Island Historical Society) is itself a park open to the public during daylight hours. You can get some walking in just exploring the ground and all the interesting buildings and old farm equipment.

There is also a great nature trail loop that takes you around a large pond that provides informational plaques along the way. You can catch it just past the lower community gardens. You can also connect with other trails that will take you to Jane Cammon Park an parts of the island that I haven’t figured out yet.

Riviera Community Club

Apparently there are trails scattered around the Riviera, but I haven’t seen any in person yet. There are a ton of winding roads throughout the main Riviera area and around Lake Josephine. Granted there are no sidewalks, so you’ll have to walk in the street, but luckily there aren’t a lot of cars on the road, especially during the winter and on weekdays.

If you want something challenging, the road down the marina is pretty steep and windy, so you could hike it down and up. If you’re into golf, get some walking in by playing golf without a golf cart.