Community Resources

Crucial Websites and Apps

These are the websites and apps you are going to want to familiarize yourself with to learn more beyond the cursory information I give you, especially if you spend a significant amout of time here.

  • Anderson Island Historical Society: they have a great website to learn about what’s happening at the Old Johnson Farm & Museum, but more importantly is their app…
  • Anderson Island App: even if you’re only coming for a day, download this app — you can delete later if you don’t think you’ll use it again. It is THE source for what’s happening that day on the island, including ferry webcams, ferry alerts, closing times, events, etc. If you live here and don’t have this app, stop what you’re doing and download it now — it’s awesome, a major timesaver. This link is to the desktop version, but look in your app store for the mobile app. A MUST!
  • Anderson Island General Store: get to know everything there. It’s what I like to call “downtown.” Basically the heart of the island that has vital services for our community, like gas and the post office, and pretty much anything you might need as a normal person.
  • Riviera Community Club: this HOA covers about 1/3rd of the island and provides a lot of the amenities on the island, like a restaurant, golf course, marina, etc.
  • Anderson Island Park & Recreation District has an awesome website that details everything you need to know about the relatively large number of parks and the extensive trail system that really are the heart & soul of this island.