Food Options

It’s slim pickin’s for food around here, but the options are pretty decent. Just don’t expect anything late night.

  • Anderson Island Cafe: open for breakfast and lunch, plus burger night on Mondays. They pretty much have your basic coffee shop/cafe food and they do it well. 
  • Riviera Lakeshore Restaurant: sit-down dining overlooking Lake Josephine, open for dinner every night, plus lunch on the weekends, and breakfast on the weekends in the summer. The food is actually really good, and there’s a full bar. Be sure to check out bingo every Wednesday night, put on by the A.I. American Legion.
  • General Store: aside from a wide range of snack food, drinks, and basic groceries, the store has an awesome deli with some basic ready-to-go food, like pizza pockets, take & bake pizzas, and pastries.
  • More to come on local farms, the bread man, summer Saturday morning garden market at the Farm, and foraging…

20 minute
ferry ride

Anderson Island outline

Approx. 7.5
square miles